In Singapore don`t like naked and smoking people

In Singapore don`t like naked and smoking people

Singapore observes purity not only external, but also moral.

Hhere it is even possible to receive a penalty of $1000 for the garbage thrown not in a ballot box, in Singapore it is impossible to appear naked anywhere. Even in your own room in hotel.

If someone see you in underwear, or in any other look which offends standards of public morals, be ready to pay at best a penalty of $1600, and in the worst — to go to prison for three months.

There is one more unusual ban in this country: here it`s impossible to import chewing gum.

Perhaps, you will manage to take one pack for private use if you declare it at customs. The same fate will comprehend also cigarettes. Smokers in Singapore aren’t loved: duty-free it is possible to import only one unpacked pack.

The tax on each following imported pack makes 5 dollars, at the same time all cigarettes have to be marked SDPC (Singapore Duty-Paid Cigarettes) around the filter. Certainly, on the cigarettes bought abroad, there is no such mark. A penalty for smoking of an illicit cigarette — $345. Electronic cigarettes in Singapore are forbidden at all.

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